We believe achieving the full potential of 21st-century technology is more an emotional and societal topic than a technological one. The MIR team joined forces because we all genuinely believe what we are doing together is important and it’s something in which we take personal pride.  

Thus, together we leverage our collective expertise to invest in companies playing an essential role in integrating technology into societal layers and solving 21st-century challenges.

Understanding human goals and motivations at the intersection of culture, behavior, and technology help us understand the most significant value drivers for tomorrow’s companies.

Moreover, this allows us to evaluate the likely goals, motivations, and behaviors of future intelligent machines as they assimilate into human society.

The MIR team is composed of founders of companies, early-stage investors and 200+ years of combined multidisciplinary experience in technology, the natural & social sciences, and business.

We have the necessary experience and willingness to challenge conventional wisdom, challenge each other, and make the best possible investment decisions within our focus areas.